Business development

  • Ye cannae change the laws o’ physics

    So what have dodgy sets and actors with their trouser legs tucked into their boots got to do with change?  Quite a lot actually. Scottie was right and, although you might not think it, change follows the laws of physics.  This is why it often doesn’t work.  The villain in the piece is entropy and […]
  • Painting by numbers

    I was asked by a client to have a look at their production process.  The main problem seemed to be that the paint shop was a bottleneck and at busy times they struggled to get the throughput they needed. The current state process map was interesting: The paint system had a 12 hour curing time […]
  • 5S is not about tidying stuff up

    Anyone who has been through a 5S session will I am sure remember the buzz when you pulled out that old broken fan from under your desk and finally binned it. Perhaps you got the chance to clean the top of your machine and actually make it a nice place to be for a change. These are […]
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