People performance

  • E + R = O

    I was in an MD’s office yesterday when something caught my eye. Written in block capitals at the top of his white board was this simple equation. E + R = O When I asked him what it meant he said – yeah – I keep that there to remind me that I need to […]
  • Standard work is an insult to my skills

    I heard ‘Standard Work is an insult to my Skills’ the other day in a machine shop. Interesting point of view as the worker was very skilled, problem solving difficult programmes and set-ups in a high variety shop across many machines. The worker was stressed and output was very variable because if he was not […]
  • From Data to Wisdom

    I had a discussion recently with a client about what measures would be important for his factory. New ERP systems are now very good at creating ‘dashboards’ of current measures and can often overwhelm the manager with data but is it information – or knowledge? During this discussion I was reminded of the DIKW pyramid. […]
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