Growing your business

Growing your business

The ICE Partnership, provide solutions for growth. Companies come to us when they want to have more effective sales processes, increase their profits, and grow their sales.

Many businesses in the UK have gone through, or are still dealing, with the impact of the recession. Many have suffered losses in sales, profit margins and profit.

The question many MDS and sales Directors are wrestling with is – how do I increase my sales and margins?

  • Maybe you need to review your business strategy?
  • Maybe you don’t have a strategy?
  • Maybe you need direction?
  • Maybe you need to market more in order to get leads?
  • Maybe you’re not converting appointments into paying customers?
  • Are customers not turning into long term clients?
  • Maybe you’re not charging enough?
  • Are my sales processes effective and structured or am I missing or wasting opportunities or are leads not being followed up at all?
  • Do my sales team need training and development?

Our strength is in professional marketing, sales management and business development. The ICE team doesn’t just develop plans and advise, we can help you to make things happen. We will work with you to actively grow your sales, providing “hands on” solutions. We will provide the appropriate level of support at the “sharp end” to ensure that the solutions are fully implemented and achieved.

You are not alone!

In a recent survey 200 businesses were asked the following question regarding support they wanted / needed.

What is your biggest challenge?

40% said that their biggest challenge was in sales and business development – they want direct hands on sales and business development support.

The ICE Partnership can provide this support. Please contact us and take action, before your competition does.

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