Operational excellence

Operational excellence

Operational excellence is a broad headline for delivering the value your customers recognise in your product or service – ensuring that customers return to the organisation because of their ongoing satisfaction with your excellent quality, service, price and delivery……whether it be a private sector or a public sector enterprise, large or small.

Operational excellence can be created in any organisation – from the simplest office to the most complex multi-layered supply chain, but the ICE approach always starts with the customer at the centre. Because only the customer determines value every project begins with the simple, but obvious, question;

“Why does your customer buy from you?”

The answer will be a mixture of quality, cost, delivery, product design or features, price, service offer or the relationship the customer has with you. Digging behind the question, you find the intangible parts of these value propositions are very powerful in retaining customers but only for so long if the basics of the process are not robust or repeatable.

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