People performance

People performance

Many organisations say that people are our greatest asset however many of them do not have the strategies and processes to ensure that they get the best from them.

The ICE Partnership works with organisations in both the private and public sectors; large and small to help them bring out the best in their people. The starting point for this is to ensure the people strategies are aligned with their business strategy.

The challenges that organisations are facing in the current economic climate drive the need to be both more efficient and maintain quality; and to be able to improve and innovate but still deliver what customers want. Therefore the pressure on organisations and their people to deliver more with less has rarely been greater. This usually requires change in one form or another.

Putting people at the heart of the business strategy.

The need to have motivated people with the right skills, knowledge and attitudes puts people related issues at the heart of the business strategy. Taking action to develop an organisational culture that embraces the need to change in order to improve business performance through the involvement of people is seen as a key issue by many successful organisations.

It starts with reviewing the people strategy. However we have found that many organisations often do not capture enough of the ‘people’ information that is generated when developing the business strategy. here people strategies do exist, we often need to challenge them as they lack sufficient information to be really effective.

The ICE team have the experience to help you to navigate your way through this difficult process and get the buy in from the people to accept the changes that will sustain the improvement.

How do we do it?

In typical ICE fashion the first step is to understand your organisation and what are the real issues you are facing. We use a number of diagnostic tools to help this process. They include the use of employee surveys, personality profiling or simply speaking with a cross section of employees in groups or in 1:1 interviews.

We will then assess what we find and work with you and your staff in developing appropriate solutions together with the appropriate level of support to ensure successful implementation.

Whilst many of our offerings could stand alone they should be viewed as a series of processes that support one another.

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